And I Get It

It was then that I finally understood.

Flying through the thick night air: eyes closed, arms open.

Going too fast but still somehow not fast enough, unable to escape the lilac scent that chased after us.

And I didn’t care about anything.

Not the hope, fear, love, disappointment, not even the hollowness.

All I cared about was the feeling I had and the people I was with.

The feeling that every part of you is on fire,

the feeling that right now is the moment you’re seeking for in the monotony of your mundane daily life:

that you feel truly alive.

And my heart swells in attempt to take in as much as it could knowing that

these moments are rare and fleeting.

Only then had I finally understood what he had meant.

Only then did I know what he had known:

that in that moment we were infinite.



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