His vice

Woe is him.
His life – a distant cry for the truths so heavily concealed with lies.
Nothing’s impossible.
These are nothing more than boundaries, thinking inside or outside of the box is too mundane of a task so why not just think?
Limitations are all in the mind, humans are divine with our ability to build and destroy nations in an instant.
Such power we possess.
Humanity never notices it’s strength through the perseverance of our souls.
Entities of our own.
Such drive should motivate the world to be outspoken about their ideology, faiths, and support their interests rather than ignoring the way of life for others to enforce their own.
It is all similar to me.
All believing in a omnipotent essence that is not their own for empowerment and guidance, so why not share and redefine your own beliefs?
You are still stuck in that cube.
3 dimensions are not enough to describe the vibes I obtain through writing these every letters.
Free flowing – ever changing.
That is the concept of the mind so don’t hold thoughts for too long or else they are lost, never to be the same again.
Don’t you hear it?
Those hidden truths under the shroud of lies are beginning to expose themselves to the world and it is only by choice that you will finally absorb it all.
Man is not simpleminded, rather ignorant and afraid to leave our personal zones of comfort.
Express. Think. Do.



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3 responses to “His vice

  1. i like the way of your writing 。◕‿◕。 keep up (‐^▽^‐)

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