Tales of a Broken Man pt 3

Hello again everyone, I am here today to update you on my current situation. After a long year at my university, summer break has finally arrived and I couldn’t be more joyous for this special occasion. Got my grades back and of course my stats professor has a vendetta against me, thus failing me for the semester. I’m not too concerned, she’s just mad that I doodled one time during her lecture about hanging myself with a 90% confidence interval (math pun). Now I am back at my old home in New York City and I must say, things seem to have changed…or is it me? I guess being accustom to a different standard of living back at school has someone distorted my memories of this place. I look at it now and see how plagued we are as a self-destructing community of minorities and it saddens me when I see it going on. I want to make some serious changes in my community and I hope I can find some ideas or ways soon, the cycle has to stop somewhere right? Enough about that…now I have so much free time. I can catch up on all the Anime/Manga/Gaming I want and need. Also my friends are returning shortly, so we have a lot of adventures/random shenanigans to partake in before we all become busy. I would also like to take this time to do more writing, get some versatility going with my styling as well. Time to experiment, so expect me! Ta~Ta for now pplz!



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6 responses to “Tales of a Broken Man pt 3

  1. pulpfictionme

    It is amazing what we see after not being home for awhile. I live in Portland or and there are tons of community groups growth development stuff here. I’m sure if you look you could find some group making a change in new York :) looking forward to reading your shenanigan stories and different writing styles :)

  2. Have a good holiday! Rest, Relax, and have a Righteous time of it, eh!

  3. Antoinette Clinton

    I like the math pun…

  4. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ Hi my friend, I have nominated you for the Sunshine award,
    keep up the nice work.


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