Tales of a Broken Man pt2

Here I sit in the secluded section of the library as I am baffled by my current predicament. I have been rummaging throughout my music library when I have this assignment due in the morning, not to mention I am scheduled for breakfast at 10. I am in my mind’s eye attempting to create some foresight on the situation and how everything will come together knowing that it is probably unlikely. Yet, you never know…or at least that’s what I believe. The impossible is always bound to happen and you do not have any control over that. This weekend taught me that, you just gotta roll with the punches and make countermeasures according to the pattern of things at the moment. That unpredictability is what gives life it’s spark. Some don’t seem to see that, to conformed to the social standards that we’ve placed for millenniums. Heavy? Yes it is. It is bigger than you and I. We all need answers. I know I am looking for them my damn self, hence why I write. My hypothesis states that by writing, a person can really tap into another part of the soul. So I am going to challenge myself to read more as a declaration for my summer goals before school is back in session. Let’s see how it goes, I’ll keep you posted.


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