a hello to the devil

-Hello there again dark friend

The shadow knocks against your door again to take you closer to the darkest friend

Whispering winds Shivering syringe

The heat burns at your fleshly tinge to take you further down this twisting binge

-Hello there again dark friend

Will you hit one more end only to find a murky absent hapless trend

Spiraling progression, youngling oppression

So high up take a skydiving profession taking my peers to a gross downward depression

-Hello there again dark friend

Take the white dragon to the broken bend to find his nose no doctor could mend

Speedy dials, unstoppable trials

The sharp razor takes you many miles to leave jittery and full of false smiles

-Hello there again dark friend

Drink the glass of joy to try to ascend to escape the corners you cannot bend

Bulging gut, Unfixable rut

The problems solved by a dependable mutt, you have to think liquid can clean cuts

-Hello there again dark friend

This smolder can help fill my dens aspiring to be the calm, cool and collected men

Shady yes, Releasing stress

After it piles makes a mess, the ashes remaining will kill and hurt chest

-Hello there again dark friend

I must call an acquit no amends for the devils grasp is finally reached my glen

Resilient goodbye, solemn sighs

For the path of evil will buy, make no mistake I have seen his eyes

Good night to the evils I will say amen go away you evil dark Friend

No more I say goodbye there dark friend




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3 responses to “a hello to the devil

  1. pulpfictionme

    You just described my life!!! I was addicted to heroin and in the midst of my addiction had a dream where a demon came out from the trees, stared me in the face then walked away laughing. He said “I will be back.” A week later I almost OD’ed and that was the last time I ever used again. So long dark friend.

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