Don’t live for me!

You’ve been spewing all the lies to make me out to be the citizen you want me to be

Someone I’m not

Undeserving of your sympathy

There just isn’t any way I’m sorry for who I am

I don’t want to fit in anyway

So taste my apathy

Please give me a round of applause for tyranny

After I’m done there is no way I’m going to return


I can’t stand the way that is car is rolling

It’s stuck in drive

and no one can stop it

You’re the only one who can

but you wont

So I’m going to force you


Shut your eyes

You’re going to need your sleep

Tomorrow  will bring me in all my wrath

It’s time you paid the blood you owe

I hope you have some to spare because you don’t have a prayer

Your contrition wont save you from misleading us into your home of fire

Ok relax and breathe and just say goodnight

Tonight you will need your sleep.





















As I exhale, I blow away

I’m twisting in and out

Making you lose your name

Forever waiting for this to be done

All these secrets I’m breaking open

Their weight crashing down upon you

The obsession is consuming me

She screams out, “ARE YOU BURYING ME”

Hush now, don’t you cry

I’ll be back when dreams fall through

I’m saving myself from an evil image for you

I refuse to accept the Dream as something that will do us good






I laugh, watching you stumble about

I will until you run away or you’re face down



Forgotten by your once closely followed supporters


Everything is in chaos

My love’s yelling, “you’re falling away from me.

                              Come back to me.

                              Leave while you still can.”

But you don’t see

I can’t leave

The dream is stubborn keeping as much hold as it can

While everyone is crying out “SAVE US!

                                             GET US OUT OF HERE!”

I can’t allow any hold


We need to all escape the lunatic dream

So we don’t end up all dead

We revolt against the vise

Now follow me, I’ll lead you through the black clouds



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    • I’m late in replying…so sorry. rebellion uses a harsh language in reply to a harsh situation…if tyranny did not exist, all could write of love and bliss…but it does exist, and in it’s greed robs other’s of their rightful inheritance.

      • Yes so true, Oh! for a quiet life but our leaders and the world in general have other ideas!!

      • I live in Italy…we never know how the wind will blow, usually against the poor, the young people and just about anyone that doesn’t protest. Being quiet hasn’t worked so far for those who don’t have billions working for them, thus being able to buy whomever they please at our expense.

      • Yes things are very harsh at the moment, everywhere ! I am so sad that so many European countries have been brought so low. Even here in the UK things are worse than ever. The world is in a state of flux something will brake soon!

      • Yes…that is my inner most fear…but on the brighter side…at the lowest ebb we know…there’s nowhere else to go but up…

      • yes , when you hit rock bottom the only way is up! and wouldn’t it be good if we could start an upward trend!

      • :) , I love Italy I have been to Umbria, Tuscanny and Sorento, I love Tuscanny yet I think Umbria is your best kept secret!

      • Ah…but you’ve never been to Trentino…my son and husband are Umbria is lovely…but Trentino is finger away from paradise…only Alto Adige is closer…that is if you like mountains, lakes and streams…oh and a castle or two or three…have a nice day and let’s hope peace wills…out but not at the expense of the youth and the poor.

  1. J.R.Taylor

    That was a great read between the two of you! The world is in a terrible place but even the smallest things can help bring it back up. That”s my belief and my hope! I am very jealous that you both have experienced Italy. It is one of my dreams to finally get over the pond to go there and the UK!

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