Tales of a Broken Man pt1

Sitting in this dim-lighted room gazing at the marvel that is this computer seemed to be more than just circuitry. I envision a portal, another plane, a realm where all who enter it can aspire to become anything. A modern day masterpiece it is indeed, yet it is taken for granted. These hands of mine press against the keyboard typing every letter, creating every word, to alleviate the pain I’ve endured through the day. Some people take this realm too lightly. Some enter as they please just for information and go off on their merry way, others share my disposition on the matter. When I’m here, I can become anything, everything, or nothing. It is hard from me to sway away from this feeling of release, the ecstasy from the words I’ve regurgitated back onto the memory banks known as the internet. The only place I feel that I am truly at peace. It is sad, I’ve been in a funk that seems to be unchangeable no matter how hard I scrub. The pungent odor seems to become even stronger as the days progress. Sleep deprivation plagues me, excess school work acts as a deterrent on the happy aspects of life, and I am just consumed in my own angst. Not knowing what I want to strive for, running blindly ahead with my head held high aiming at the sky but I lack the proper foundation to create the staircase to that pedastal that I aspire to stand on in the near future. A blacksmith with all the iron ore in the world and no tools, that is I. I will log it in on this day that I will strive to continue on this path with high expectations and maintain a journal of sorts to share with you all about my adventures through the days, both physical and mental ones. To those of you who share my blight, this shall be our stepping stone for a better you and I. Let’s use this realm we cherish so dearly to voice our opinions, thoughts, and emotions to the world!



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4 responses to “Tales of a Broken Man pt1

  1. Brilliant post, beware you are not totally sucked, also beware of falling flat on face whilst running so fast with your head in the sky!!

  2. The Bloggers Soliloquy


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