Don’t you hate it

When you don’t do anything but yet it’s all your fault

Your just suppose to let it go

Why should you?!?!

I think it’s funny that the world’s able to turn its back on you

But you can’t turn your back on the world

While we’re losing faith, they just think we’re loosing face

Leaving us to lie here on the floor BLEEDING TO DEATH

Why should you let that go?!?!


Ever since yesterday you’ve cleared my mind

Any respect I had for you is long gone

Blaming me

Making you’re problems  ALL MY FAULT ?!?!

I’ll still be around

But don’t expect me to follow your lead

I’ve BROKEN through your walls

That I didn’t even see you put up around me

I see now your trying to box me in

Now I see clearly and you wont be to

How have you turned so cold

Or have you always been this way

Faking the warmness that made me comfortable

You’ve been caught red handed in your LIES



Visions of being happy and succeeding have left me

I just sit back

And I will count the days until you fall

Just remember, I’ll be the first to say “I TOLD YOU SO!”

This is what happens when you never learn

Eventually everything slips out of your grasp

And you lose control on what you thought you had

But that’s in the future this is the present and the here and now

I’m lucky I caught this as my fate is recreated

But for you-you just cannot escape

Even if you try to justify

You’ve been a destined to fail from the start

I cannot believe it took me this long to see you clearly.


I see the plot.

And now it will not be forgot.

When I broke the walls I was met with the truth.

I see the whole situation clearly.

I’m scared of what would have been to come if my eyes had not been opened

You’re just using us all as pawns

To complete what you could not.

Going over and defeating all your old enemies

Just to show that you are more powerful then all the rest

Beat them up and leave them to bleed

I’m starting to feel like a murder

But to you and all things considered, it’s all just a game and your not the winner

You’re the terrorist that everyone is suppose to fear

And you’re the one making me do your evil deeds

Spreading your filthy lies that now condemn you to being a liar

I say though I wont be apart of this lie any more

Count me out

But I’m not leaving until your seen as the psycho you really are

Call me what you please

Call me what you will

But I got a girl  that loves me

I got to keep her at my heart

So say what you want

You sound stupid and you got to mean it when you say you want something

I see the plot.

And now it will not be forgot.

When I broke the walls I was met with the truth.

I see the whole situation clearly.

And now I’m ready to expose the lying dreamer that you are

I know now what I’m capable of

All I had to do is take a fresh breathe and open my eyes



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  1. Very poignant. You sound bitter, but so proud. And rightfully so! Your writing is becoming more personal than i first started reading you, but its so much more vivid and colourful, im in awe and enjoying every line. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    • J.R.Taylor

      I’ve gotten increasingly more comfortable with exposing my soul here on the WP. I’m so happy you and others enjoy it, :). That is what I have always wanted so thank you for reading!

      Oh…and was this a bit better then the first chapter, ;).

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