Anna’s eyes

The sun reflected her beauty as it shined through her eyes. All he could look at and all he wanted to was her eyes. The icy blue color of them was a deceiving color for the warmth they projected. Those eyes, those piercing and loving eyes captured him in their gaze and there was nothing inside of him that was willing to break away. As she talked about this and that all he could do was smile and agree. It was only an hour before that they had met but he had known instantly the feelings he shared for her. Their first introduction was a casual meeting from across the circles of chairs around the coffee table and yet through the yelling of those around them he knew what he felt. She did not even have to speak little more than a hello before he felt the sharp jab to his stomach. As the night progressed they talked and talked and the more they did the wider their smiles became. Without words he expressed his feelings and she understood them. Some fresh air he asked her to enjoy with him of which she happily obliged. Fresh air for him meant the grey smoke of a cigarette for her it meant a chance to talk alone. They sat upon the front porch and talked and talked. Past the city lights and passing car high beams the stars stood above them. Ignoring all of the distractions of the night their conversation continued and the love they shared grew. For neither of them did it matter the subject of the conversation but rather the look they gave to each other. Every sentence ended with a bashful smile. Each bashful smile was carried by a small unconscious movement closer until their legs touched together. As they did there was an awkward twitch away as if they feared what was to come. And yet they remained together separate away from the noise of the party inside and on the streets. A pause in the conversation caused a timid silence which caused them to look at each other not knowing how to deal with it. He was left only with the image he first encountered with her. Those eyes were the only things he could think of and he imagined she thought the same. He was unaware that she was shaking just as much as he was as they were caught in a lovers gaze. Of course only cupid himself could recognize such a gaze. The nerves between the two of them were not enough to prevent the inevitable and closer their eyes became. Their faces only inches away from each other before one last bashful smile became a warm and awkward kiss. 



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4 responses to “Anna’s eyes

  1. very revealing, i think more than a few of us can relate to this

  2. “Fresh air for him meant the grey smoke of a cigarette for her it meant a chance to talk alone. “

  3. First awkward kiss , I think we can always remember these!

  4. First kisses. So nice. This time it’s true love.

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