Pay back

Looker of looks with looking eyes
Waiting to pick with picking eyes
Indiscernible in the size of a man that never spoke to you
Like a vulture sitting on your pompous branch
You wait to pick at all people who look like ants
However, a stance in which you stand had no reprimand
So you krinch and hate the men who dance
Mirrors are not familiar to a face that chooses to not look at them
Only choosing ones eyes to be the mirror of all men is a fragmented position that falls to the ground like glass
Do these voices bounce off in your head like walls that close in on a mind that a mind that cannot recognize its own value?
Chasing only the strong minded and strong willed
You try to knock down towers that cannot be knocked, cannot be rocked or even shocked by your disposition
I’m sorry that you could not find your voice in your own
Your infrastructure is a falsity, roads have fallen, stars have blown, planets have been eviserated
So do not build walls that will fall down in your life time
A clinch, a whisper, utter silence to build up eternal perpetual violence
You are silent to a a world that moves constantly without you or with you
That rage you hold will be the fuel to your own demise
Hate burns and fades water turns in disarray to the cage that you place yourself in
That is not my problem that you are alone, go home and sleep.


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