Falling on Padded Walls.

He laughed frantically after he spit in the nurses face. The straight jacket prevented him from doing more than he wanted but the suffocation of it comforted him. The needle of sedation was recently pulled from his body and the effects had yet to set in. His body fought hard against it. As it flowed through him with tremendous force he reveled in his earlier antics. Ah what fun it was for him to turn over the game tables and send Billy in the wheelchair flying across the room. Security did not share the same amusement. Living in his recently made memories he hardly noticed the tranquility that tightened its grip on his body. Swaying back and forth he eventually swayed too far and with a quiet thud he hit the padded wall. Rolling around on the ground now with arms pinned against his shoulders he felt no freedom but embraced it all the same. Laughter came past his lips that were caused by the futility of it all.  No one could hear him and if they could they wouldn’t care. The actions of a madman were all they were. He was simply a madman to them and for that he acted like one. Doctors labeling him with disorders made his hatred all the stronger and without his knowing made him fit the bill for the diagnosis. Of course he was smart enough to understand his insanity but could only accept it to a point. What he could not accept was the fact that any idea or thought he expressed to the sane members of society would be seen as, as crazy as the man who invented them. That fact alone was enough to drive him mad. 



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4 responses to “Falling on Padded Walls.

  1. Without madness, there would be so much less poetry.

  2. without madness the doctors, institutions and pharmacists would be out selling lemonade. :)

  3. and ps…I love how your new picture up top, looks like the only one speaking looks like a worm….hehehehe

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