What I want

She is just smokin’

I want to put her to my lips for a drag

Classy and subtle, her walk is just so fierce

Her words caress my ear as if they made love to my subconscious and out came my mind

She runs it everytime.

Those eyes of hers pierce me with every glance

When we lock, they dance

In the night sky, soaring high and by…yet I’m too shy

She makes me quiver with anticipation, so this is my proclamation!

Of love…to you, this from my heart is true.

If I hand you my shoe, place it on your foot and then feel the dents in my soles that match my soul for the toll I’ve paid

Do you feel the same way? Don’t mind me, my mind’s eye is blind see…

So my mouth decides to speak in order for you to hear me

I just want to taste you forever…



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2 responses to “What I want

  1. Wow. This is brilliant..

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