Reactor Rhymes

Action is a reaction without cause without factions

Lone wolf in life a major subtraction when I move like a train straight up traction

I cut you down make you small like a little fraction

I’m angry loud Angelo Saxon

With all my words all my thoughts there just taxing

I’m J l wanderer to the full I’ll be maxing

Out everything straight I’m not acting

Ladies crawl to me so much fatal attraction

Begging for life between acting and macking I don’t know how to act and

Like little flies all my haters will be smacking

Like a disease will be attacking and attacking

On your knees you’ll be begging losing your sack and

Little bitch come at you straight like a Mac 10

Looking over your shoulder the shadow of death then

Like a scythe never know when I strike when

Like a wound that no medical man could ever mend

Like a saw straight cut through you again and again

With my words like a warrior poet you try to descend

Your little haters on me can’t hold me down my spirit ascends

And If you really like and feel what saying man

They you and me can truly be considered friends


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