The Masked Marauder

  1. The clown the jester the joke

All summed up in one toke one drag one poke

A man who cannot see what’s right in front of him

Who is the hyena that cackles in the grassy plains?

Who is the peacock everyone knows his name

Who is the mocking bird who doesn’t sing to his game?

A puddle no question no name

A soul twisted no heart no brain

So many paths to go down the man is insane

Laughing, jeering, seething at the thought of his name

To a soul that never existed no substance no essence no name

2. Mimicry so many faces so many angles to a treacherous scandal

Every heart every tune every word to follow angles

So many people taking the man’s name making it mangled

For they cannot see beyond the images he shows and handles

The way he sees the world is only obscure utter shambles

Every masks he wears every suit of cloth he wears a funny gamble

A dice thrower a chance taker all chaos to his name no preamble

A lie to door a settled score a list of rules conformity what a scandal

3. Look into my eyes and say hello before the words fall down to the floor

Is it such a chore to actually listen what knocks on the door

Is it such lore to see the acts of magician that shocks a core

Do you listen to the score not the words that are whored

Evermore, evermore there is a man that knocks at your door

Will you listen

4.    Wait your turn listen silly boy you must muster to sit

For every word you say will be a quit

For emotions and rage you’ll look stupid and not fit

So sit and sit for silence is supposedly a man with keen wit

A talker, a fiery man, a lover is just dumb and sick…. A dirty dumb mic a mistaken quip



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3 responses to “The Masked Marauder

  1. Fellow bird, you have an interesting style. Keep it up, looking forward to more of your work.

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