A is for Apocalypse

this journey ends here,

chaos reigns, ensuing fear,

is a new life near?



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12 responses to “A is for Apocalypse

  1. They say “go towards the fear”. I heard it somewhere.

  2. Benn Rosyid

    i love to read your poems, i love it so much..

    but I still have not been able to create poems in english ..

    I just write it in Indonesian, and publish it on the blog. I hope you would visit my blog, madresahcahaya.wordpress.com

    thanks =D

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  4. ghostwriter3104

    With each journey’s end, a new one begins… Good Journey :)

  5. B is for the Blast that made it all new
    it came just before A for Apocalypse
    S is for Sad……………..

  6. Apocalpse the end its just a ploy by them old geesers its their end fer sure. Thanks for likin my poem/song .your little ditty is awesome .


    General Hope / vice president of hobo univercity

  7. Enjoyed it. Provocative. So much on so few syllables.

  8. Do you really think there is such a thing as death? I feel as if life is beyond the body. Our energy continues to flow even after the “death” of the physical body.

  9. The Bloggers Soliloquy

    Really loving these at the moment

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