In the dark I sit,

my heart in my hand.

With defiant tones,

and tender apologizes

I can see it won’t fit,

but the ink of my emotions

are applied to the lines like different colors.

Each represents the conflicts I’m trying to convey.

So think what you may!

I’m doing my best to be sincere

by letting my heart be exposed to this deepening pit

of despair, which is not fair,

since I’m already cutting you out of my heart

With these words that  I have wrote

and the tears that I’ve spilt upon this piece of paper.

And what have you done?

My Once Love, you’ve only proved

we were beautiful,

that we had everything!,

but yet…

…it was nothing…

Once A Love: Part 1

Once A Love: Part 2



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14 responses to “ONCE A LOVE: PART 3

  1. Powerful and emotional!

  2. very nice, beautiful and bittersweet nothings is all we are :-) i really like this one

  3. This is why I wish WP blogs had a love button.

  4. Beautiful … relatable … love it!

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