Do you not feel it?
I know I do, it is giving me such a high
Adrenaline pumping, body begins to become numb
Time doesn’t seem to heal these wounds
Scars from a different animal, a malevolent beast
Leviathan if you will, but I digress
This high of mine
Is something that is welcoming to me
When all hope is lost
Unable to communicate with the world
No one can hear you in here
“It is safe…” Damn, that voice is enticing
Accompanied by this container of these small circular consumables
Makes me lean backwards and look at the sky above
Not able to see its beauty due to the cage of the ceiling.
Thoughts overflowing, represented by the wrath of an erupted volcano
Yet such powerful force cannot be contained for long
Unless you are ready to deal with the repercussions of high scaled magnitude, leaving you uneasy at the end
Nothing more but you, that bottle, and the empty room that is full.
Sitting blankly…those will be your salvation
To keep you levelheaded but its a temporary rush…..



Filed under cireryohei

2 responses to “Rush

  1. ghostwriter3104

    Nice work… I love your style

  2. jlwanderer

    nice nice you got intensity for sure

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