3 Seconds too Soon

The quite connectedness that lasts

all but 3 seconds.

While holding a gaze

and a smile across the room.


In its shortness

but hugely complicated by questions caused by




A huge amount of pressure

for a simple 3 seconds!

Luckily after 8.2 seconds

Quite connectedness

of holding a gaze

and a smile across the room

“love at first sight” will happen.

So sadly not today.

Not with you,

you with the very pretty face.

We looked

We thought

We only lasted for those 3 seconds.

…but would you like to go on a date?



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10 responses to “3 Seconds too Soon

  1. I am loving the structure you used to differentiate the thoughts, very well written :)

    • J.R.Taylor

      Thank you fellow Bird! :) I love trying to do new things and I’m glad you caught on to this being different sections of thought!

  2. ghostwriter3104

    Nicely done :)

  3. Great poem, but shouldn’t the title be ‘3 Seconds too Soon’?

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