Her Fingers Wrapped Around His Arm

Why does it hurt so much?

That picture with her small fingers wrapping around his arm.

The large gleeful smile spread across her lips

reflected in her eyes, shining happy.



I am well aware that things were doomed to end.

For such a long time now…

But I always hoped it would get better.

The pain and the scars erased away with better times.

But those times never came

and still I hoped.

Here now is the end of all that hope.

This picture accidentally stumbled upon.

With the happiness and smiles so apparent.



My heart it breaks a little

and I feel violent and angry.

But I only ever had a romantic view on how things should have been.

A hopeful wish only.

It still hurts.

Makes my blood boil.

I was always taught to make things work…



…that’s where I have to stop…



Was this the only way to make things work?

I clench my teeth.

Force a smile.

Put the image back down.

Maybe it was…

But the images of her so happy in his company

are branded onto my heart with arsine.





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14 responses to “Her Fingers Wrapped Around His Arm

  1. Bryan Lewis

    That was pretty deep.

  2. Wonderful emotions. Great story well told.

  3. Its astonishing how images evoke so many emotions, memories and feelings. Your words flow in such unstoppable manner, I can sense a true inspiration. *sigh*

  4. Powerful poem, love it!

  5. Heavy Stuff…….Love the Work!

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