Thank You

Cataclysmic chaos that dances wildly in my mind

What thoughts are yours what thoughts are mine?

Clarity is thus given to a clouded storm ridden mind

Doubt eradicated like warm fuzz that tickles your deepest senses

Focused but not jittery determined but no anger resides behind such motives

Effortless to every thought and feeling and instead understood deeply clearly and resonant within me

It’s always been there it will always be there and now you know it exists inside you

A calming peacefulness that all gears and facets wish and yet spin so furiously in circles to understand

Like dogs chasing tales and sheep following Sheppard’s in Sheppard’s ways

I am a pilgrim in search of a higher sense of self

And a great feeler of life percussions and listener of the melodies that already existed in my mind

Thank you for showing me, me!


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