Love’s war

Naked intuition that leads itself loudly across the room feeling the eminent energy of others. Feelings that are so boisterous, vibrating deeply in the core of your cerebellum. Are these feelings that I feel, resounding fear or great blissful notions of excitement. I must bring to surface these emotions that I hide in the deep cavity of my soul or I will remain mute blind and have no sense of touch.

I need to have a love that is so gripping so powerful that it in itself cannot be explained or fathomed by words, theories or baser notions of explanation. A proclamation that is so loud that hearing it is deafening, seeing it is blinding, and touch it would you bleed for eternity. Can a love like this be stumbled upon or made certain through affirmative action is a question that needs to be answered for the sake of answering.

Shapeless, void less, heartless are things I don’t want to be, empty, shallow, and emotional blind are things that I don’t want to become. And if so should punishable by death for the sake of living no life at all. Passion should bleed out, ambition should be shouted at the top of your lungs because if not you are not the person that you claim yourself to be. A liar of what constitute the inner self that should reflect in the mirror.

Knights have earned love by slaying beasts, by conquering civilizations, by reining triumphant of man in conquest. I too want to earn the love of a woman through such notion to concrete and make certain that my love is absolute in all senses.  May it be so may it be written so that it can sung, danced too and honored by deep contemplative thoughts of other and women that see for thousands and thousands of years. Such passions are seen as weakness and unmanly I say I will slay a thousand beasts, men, and all mythological beasts that challenge my intentions and deliberations.

If love wants to me dance I will dance, if love wants me to sing I will sing. for its reply is my reaction. I will be love’s instrument and play it symphonies, melodies, and notes it demands so. For to be afraid of love in its entireness is losing skirmishes, battles and wars because love in itself is a confrontation and challenge that will always be fought. The question remains however if you are to in vain remove all armor and follow it.



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2 responses to “Love’s war

  1. Such passion should be fulfilled. I hope that you find your love, this love that knows no bounds.

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