Flower Girl

A daisy among flowers, a sapphire among gems

So ambient so alone yet so liberating to the eyes, nose and ears

A smell, a glance, a sound, so distinct and resonating deep within the bowels of my being

A woman, not just any woman either the one that contrasts to all others

The x factor, the right stuff, an energy that is warm yet so reclusive

A star that shoots in the bright atmosphere, while all others are in complacent stare

Gravity itself to me has no bottom, cosmic yet so instant without reason or rhyme

My soul floats when it’s around you, so featherlike and boundless it seems when you endear my axis

I’m completely off balanced, time stricken, and perplexed

But with every night, comes morning and every step, comes direction

Mysteries unravel and words are spoken through our mouths and through our minds

Pour out raw unadulterated emotion that I cannot control

But I must, otherwise the joy will dissipate

Good things can die with even the smallest of whispers

I therefore will shutter myself for the sake of beauty itself

And hold it to the sacred vessel my being



Filed under J.L.Wanderer

3 responses to “Flower Girl

  1. -smiles; that was amazing, and very well thought out. the composition and metaphors made my heart stir. I enjoyed reading this, thank you.

  2. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am in heaven reading this poem. The line, “I therefore will shutter myself for the sake of beauty itself” is tremendous. Thank you for making my day! Blessings, Michele

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