Leave Me Here

I left the lights on

 made promises on the wind;

Unknown to us both, this simple dark con

Plaguing us of what we couldn’t find;

The promises I broke apart.

“Without purpose?” you say through tears.

I can’t tell sweetheart,

 so get out of these affairs.

I can’t stand seeing the pain I’ve inflicted.

Leave me here to be alone-

Leave me here evicted!

I’ll sit here in the unknown

 not deserving of a second chance.

I beg of you not to think of me.

Just wave goodbye leaving your broken stance.

This lesson you’ve been given is a guarantee,

for you to move forward into a better romance.



Filed under Mr. Stacker

21 responses to “Leave Me Here

  1. So powerful, love it!

  2. Its easier to be left than leave.

  3. I love this poem… Thank you for writing… I have felt this way!

  4. Very raw, Mr. Taylor, and a very good read as well!

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