Happy Birthday, Jack Kerouac.

“We also spent entire nights in bed

and I told her my dreams.

I told her about the big snake of the world that was coiled in the earth like a worm in an apple

and would someday nudge up a hill to be thereafter known as Snake Hill

and fold out upon the plain, a hundred miles long

and devouring as it went along.

I told her this snake was Satan.

‘What’s going to happen?’ she squealed;

meanwhile she held me tight.”


—- J. Kerouac — On The Road



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6 responses to “Happy Birthday, Jack Kerouac.

  1. One of my fave writers, ever. Beautiful selection.

  2. Loved that book! This was a great entry.

  3. Pillow talk is so much fun = )

  4. J.R.Taylor

    Happy Birthday!

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