Kiddies (After the song “Piggies”)

Have you seen the little kiddies fighting in the dirt?

And for all the little kiddies life is getting worse

Always having red blood dirt to play around in


Have you seen the bigger kiddies in the raggedy shirts?

You will find the bigger kiddies stirring up the dirt

Always having a hard time not looking like a mannequin


but you know what is lacking

A damn good whacking

In the long run though

It wouldn’t really achieve anything


Everywhere there is many kiddies living kiddie lives

But these cut out all living kiddie lives

So let the kiddies go out with their little kiddie friends

And run into the big piggies with the starch white shirts

When they have awaken

Without any efforts

They’ll gobble kiddies up like bacon.



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One response to “Kiddies (After the song “Piggies”)

  1. Kye

    Interesting and thought provocative. It’s funny, because I wrote an op-ed at uni about kids, more specifically about how children should not be graded earlier than they are today here in Sweden (which is at an age of about 14). So this poem made me think of that subject. And also young men fighting overseas, and military use of children around the world, which always makes me sad.

    Nice work!

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