Muse Poem: Revised 3

A muse of writing,

And creativity aspiring,

I think words sound better in my head.


Come forth, bright blonde sun,

Push the pedal down, further,

Toward the horizon.


The road spits past,

Roll the windows down,

Dirt sticking to our over heated, moon cooled skin.

Turn the radio off, please,

Let’s listen to the wind


(listen to it)


That’s the speed of Kerouac,

The love in McCandless’ spirit

The pull of the lake to Wordsworth,

The word-smith.


Reveling in thought,

Convulsing in question.


Late night lullabies,

keep me awake at night.


O’Holy: let me sleep.

O’Holy: let me sleep.







Filed under sangretti

9 responses to “Muse Poem: Revised 3

  1. Wow! Amazing! Brilliant evocation of the call of the muse! :)

  2. Favorite line…”Let’s listen to the wind.”
    Music without the noise.

  3. both tantalising AND releasing

  4. Oh… Beautiful. So good.

  5. “i think words sound better in my head” :) i can agree with that :)

  6. As above, the ‘listen to the wind’ line is great, as is: “Come forth, bright blonde sun,/ Push the pedal down, further,/ Toward the horizon.”

    Evocative :-)

  7. So very modern Poetry!

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