Through the Wind, You Crossed the Line

You burned the edges of their willow trees;
The ones that elegantly line the property of the Queen.
You singed the 22nd pages of all of the books in their library.
How would you feel if the worlds were turned?
Would you scream?
Would you cry?
Would you smile because deep down, around the corner, down the second-to-last street in your sinister mind, you just don’t care?
Did they set a torch to all of the bordering nerves of your emotions;
Of your solitary vision?
Did you water it down just in time?
Or did they catch the bitter stench right before you made a mockery of the King?
It doesn’t really matter, does it?
The willow trees, the books, the nerves;
They may have suffered;
They may have been ignited for a minute or two.
But they’re in the clear.
It may have cut to the bone
But they’re still here.
And they’re not alone.
The branches still blow in the wind.
They are admired.
The words still stick to the mind.
They are admired.
The nerves can still feel.
You are admired.



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7 responses to “Through the Wind, You Crossed the Line

  1. Kourtnie

    Oh my goodness, I absolutely love this. The singed pages pulled me right out of reality and into the world of your poem. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Eloquent Karma. Well done.

  3. Beautiful just beautiful. xx

  4. Hi, I’ve nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Just check out my site for details. –

  5. the bloggers soliloquy

    “Did they set a torch to all of the bordering nerves of your emotions” wonderful. What is this poem about or what made you want to write it? I know poetry these days is all about the meaning the reader infers, but I’d really like to know the meaning from the writers mouth for this one.

  6. What a wonderful poem, a pleasure to read.

  7. It was actually about causing a bad car accident, coming out of it okay, but having people very important to me disappointed in me.

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