This is She

Freedom tastes like cigarette smoke and reeks of booze.

Freedom is a fine woman who has fallen prey to society’s constant change.

Freedom is not the same as how it use to be.



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17 responses to “This is She

  1. I think you mean “reek” not “wreak”.

    Wreak means to bring about some kind of destruction, i.e. “Wreak havoc”

    I hope constructive criticism is allowed! If not, tell me where to stick it.

  2. freedom is as thin as a layer of paint

  3. Freedom is a fairytale for adults!

  4. callumcostello

    I gave it a ‘like’ because I was thought the layout was quite abstract. A simple poem, but with a strong message.

  5. Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.. :)

  6. freedom is so much to so many brilliant or dark it depends on the observer

  7. If it were mine I omit the last six words in the final line. Just my $.02. I think this poem is strong as a short form. When it comes to topics like ‘love’ or ‘freedom’ many people blather on and dilute the effectiveness of the message. Nicely done.

  8. the bloggers soliloquy

    I like reading yr posts, also their short length is time friendly and exquisite.

  9. Short and powerful- the work of a real poet! I liked this a lot.

  10. Interesting… I love this… I don’t think often enough about what freedom means… The message is in the words.,. Writers and poets are just that writers and poets – editors are there to make it pretty and ensure everything is spelled and punctuated correctly… Famous authors that could not spell: William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, John Keats, Jane Austin, W.B. Yeats, John Irving. Hemingway had to rely on newspaper and book editors to catch his mistakes, a job which they often complained would be a lot easier if he would make an effort to spell things correctly (though Hemingway retorted that that’s what they were being paid to do). Keep writing!

  11. kostylomusic

    Quite liked this one. Simple, solid imagery.

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