D is for Destiny

some things are supposed

to happen, but destiny

is a fickle bitch



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13 responses to “D is for Destiny

  1. I like hearing these little tidbits of alphabet soup :)
    So, raw, accessible and inviting!

  2. monocochlearmutineer


  3. This one’s great, man, it seems like destiny is becoming more of a bitch everyday.

  4. atlasivy

    Right? Except the people I know named destiny. They’re nice.

  5. I know, or are we living our destiny and we are destined to feel thwarted by this bitch because we never get what we deserve? I feel like Sisyphus!

  6. woundedphoenix


  7. ha!


    the fickle finger of fate is indeed fickle.

  8. this is so awesome, in fact if i had a blog for reblogging stuff this would be a sticky post at the top for the next year maybe big fat kudos go to this one!!

  9. I love your poem and i think it very true. I think i love it mostly because my name is Destiny and for some reason i really hope this is true about me haha i think its hilarious!

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