Entranced by the Flame

The fire burns red,



Emanating sweltering bursts of heat

Stifling my air as I just sit and stare-

Staring entranced by the flicker dance of flames upon the wood

Up and down and back and fourth the dancers roam

Dancing their merry dance upon the glowing embers.

Every time I move to join I am warned

The heat is in my clothes when I move I burn my skin

Why can I not join?

It is a beautiful ritual before me

“From the ashes of a fire comes rebirth!”

I want to burn off the old and tattered skin of my life

And once again begin anew

I move and I am burned!

Focus upon one single piece of wood-

See how it mocks me?

It was once a perfect piece, clean cut and even

But now within the flames it is engulfed by the dancers

Slowly it has been morphed into an original object

Of beauty and purity

Nothing could any longer corrupt it

Free of its societies bounders!

It mocks me!

Why must it mock me!?

I see freedom within my grasp

Though that same grasp eludes me

Catches upon only the clean white smoke

And the dancers dance faster

And I cannot stop looking

At this closer image of them

They whisper so subtly

I almost didn’t hear them say

“Walking through fire and not getting burned will change any man.

It’ll send you to a new and better world and place.

Dance with us because we are free.”

An outstretched hand and I take it

Let this pain of ecstasy release me!

I’ll be mocked no more!



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10 responses to “Entranced by the Flame

  1. Cultural Acceptance

    I really enjoyed this, nice work with the wording; for it’s all about wording :-)

  2. Love this, reminded me of Joan of Arc

  3. Enjoyed this. Best crafted line for me is “I want to burn off the old and tattered skin of my life.”

  4. Or, as the Humble Farmer used to open his program on Maine Public Radio: Watch out for the flying sparks!

  5. Lovely. I could hear the flames crackling as I read this.

  6. Yes yes yes! Really liked the fire and passion in this one. Yummy.

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