Refrigerator Magnet Poems: 1




by | February 18, 2013 · 8:54 am

22 responses to “Refrigerator Magnet Poems: 1

  1. I definitely just woke up, minutes ago. When i seen this on my blogs I follow, I thought “oh wow, that’s such a cool idea. I wish I had something like that on my blog.” and sure as shit, it’s J.R. Taylor himself!

    • J.R.Taylor

      Haha, guilty! I’ve had the idea to do this for a long time but there never seemed a more perfect time to do it besides now…I’m glad you approve! :)

      Expect a lot!

  2. I used to have fridge magnets like that. Maybe I should invest again. :)

    • J.R.Taylor

      You should with out a doubt! These have been a toy and tool of entertainment since I was a kid. I love messing around with them, :)!

  3. Wonderful idea and what wonderful phrasing!

  4. A2LSM

    I’ve always loved playing with the word magnets! Great idea to write a poem. I will have to try that :-)

  5. reminds me a little bit of an Andy Warhol throw-back.

  6. I love how concise this poem is. The form is really interesting, too. Wonderful job.

  7. I love this!!! Usually, all I can come up with using word magnets is a rather weird, nonsensical sentence. But you’ve created beautiful, meaningful poetry! You’re officially my writing hero.

    • J.R.Taylor

      Wow! You are to kind especially coming from a fantastic writer as yourself! I hope I can keep delivering upon that standard! the poem really just fell together but I’m really happy it turned out as well it did. :)

  8. Love refrigerator poetry. I’d take out is here…just saying. Thanks for sharing.

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