N is for Nude

which i’d like to be,

but the sight of my body,

most dont want to see



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15 responses to “N is for Nude

  1. Hahaha! P is for Pants

    I hate wearing pants,
    They’re off as soon as I’m home.

  2. theimaginator

    Pride flees in mirror
    In unflattering daylight
    Gut not handsome sight ;)

  3. thenerdyscribe

    This made me smile! :)

  4. yaknow

    I would like to see ;)

  5. haha, i know the feeling. how freeing would it be to just run around in the nude without a care in the world.

  6. A2LSM

    This made me smile…are you sure you haven’t been reading my mind? lol

  7. For two weeks in June N is for Naked Tuesdays!
    I so wish Adam and Eve hadn’t eaten that dang apple!

  8. The imperfect body has a beauty of its own. I have learned to love my…I should probably stop there lol

  9. LOL…
    Do whatever’s you,
    Enjoy your free time at home –
    Freedom all alone…

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