The Boar and The Serpent

8. The Boar and The Serpent (Orpheus,Camelot,Derry,Ramuh) // Produced by Rod  // FarFetched Publishing. Administered by IC1 Publishing Corp. // Recored by: Rod // Recorded At: The Living Room



In the woods,

The boar he walks.

Strong and resilient, a solider of all he believes in

One thought and that is all he believes in

He believes so hard it has become his world

Walking stead fast and true

Pure all the way to his soul



The serpent slips in through the grass

Twisting and slithering unseen

Whispering of a different world

Subtle and nonchalantly

The words slide so easily into naïve ears

Without realizing

Except for a small sick feeling crawling through the world he built

Realization would come much farther into the dark woods

At the point past to far to turn



Then the boar walks into the darkest center of the forest

And the serpent strikes

Fast and hard

And the boar squeals realization sinks in

And where he realizes he has become so warped and corrupted

His world has gone

And another promised and delivered through serpent’s tongue has replaced

He still believes in his world

It has just taken on another form.



It’s still there

It’s still there

It’s still there

(…Keep telling yourself that…)



The heart bleeds and leaves a dark red trail

The snake will follow until it can over take the boar.

Completely swallow the boar whole.

Immerse it in the world it built.



Run Boar, Run

Run until you heal

The snake has wounded you

The snake has wounded you

But your world still has a chance

Run Boar, Run

Run so your world has a chance






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2 responses to “The Boar and The Serpent

  1. I wonder, how often those snakes slither around us, whispering curses without us realising it..

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