T is for Turtle

he is stuck on his

shell, who will turn him over?

he really needs help



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7 responses to “T is for Turtle

  1. Funny… yet hauntingly despondent. My favorite mix hahaa well done!
    Oh and thanks for liking my post and following :) I really really appreciate it!


  2. I remember turning over a turtle when I was a kid. Thanks for visiting my brand new blog :)

  3. ha…great image for times when we really need help from a friend to get back on our feet again

  4. a turtle today a person tomorrow…

  5. Honestly, I laughed first! It’s cute!
    Then…definitely makes one think about how we react to another’s misfortune :?

  6. emma1951.wordpress.com

    Quite a-musing

  7. I have a habit of stopping my car on highways and helping turtles cross the road. Yes, I realize I’ve probably just described how my life will end.

    Love your words. :)

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