Professor Whatever

I can see your face.

I can imagine you talking.

But your name…

and your class…

has faded away

like all the teaching you imparted upon me.

Not your fault.

Just never needed-

Just never thought about-

until I stumbled upon a jogging word.


…much more  memorable than your name…



Filed under Mr. Stacker

8 responses to “Professor Whatever

  1. Love the form!

    Very well done…I would just suggest changing then for than ;)
    Thank you for letting me find you!

  2. Always happy to see someone play with the form. It’s like adding extra art to the art :)

    • J.R.Taylor

      Pushing the limits of what you can do with writing is my favorite thing to do. There is no reason for anything to be cookie cutter normal.

  3. Oh this is so good! The sweet memories of prolonged past..

  4. lovely and simple choice of words and punctuations, especially the dot of ellipses. i like the movement too.


    I can identify!

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