Poetry (snap): 2

Do you know how many types of

poetry there are?…No? There

are 55 different forms of poetry. All

conventions suggesting differential

interpretation to words and evoke emotive


In my case, my interest lies in spoken

word which is usually used as a

musical or entertainment term. It is

defined as a category of performance art

to encompass any new seriously developed

genre or traditional form that is

primarily word-based and is not

exclusively music, theatre or dance

but may include collaborations with

other non-word-based art genres

or works created in collaboration with

artists from non-word-based disciplines.


Now that you know my topic, let me

give you a little history about it.

According to Spokenoak: The History

of American Spoken Arts, spoken word

didn’t come into being until the late

1980’s. Adopted by academics and spun

off from rap music and rap battles,

spoken word has an element of

protest as well as a critical or

corrective tone.


The most well known advocate of

spoken word is the HBO series

Def Poetry Jam; hosted by Mos Def

and produced by hip-hop music

entrepreneur Russell Simmons.


–happyMESS (transcribed my Sangretti)



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5 responses to “Poetry (snap): 2

  1. As soon as you say there are 55 types of poetry, somebody will come along and invent #56.

  2. DJ

    You write with a natural rhythm. Musical. Very nice! Thanks for checking out my blog the other day, Black & White- the post titled ‘Masochist’…
    I’ll have to check out some more of your writing.

  3. I like your work, Words of Birds…

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