Time is falling farther


                                                                         From me

                                                           Ripping me

                                                          Unwillingly away from Life’s essence.

What is my stance?

                                    Am I


A faux pas,


                   To natures law?

We are Lost


The glamour.

                       Caught up in all the clamor.

                  Do we see how insidious

                                                                              And hideous

                       Dark the glamour really is?

          Bathing in bravado

                                    Because of what we all don’t know.

                                                                      Just a bauble

                 When time buries you






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9 responses to “A RELENTLESS PASSING

  1. Oh what we do not understand until time takes from us the outer shell of beauty. It is the inner workings that sustain us. The very thing that our attention should have paid most to. There is still time to make beautiful that which is within.

  2. Beautiful!! Both the words, which are so emotionally evocative and the design of the poem, too. It all works together so well to represent “life”.

  3. Wow! A dancing poem. I love it. Your poem looks like ballet and sounds like an orchestra.

  4. Have to agree with others below me – its so scattered beautiful.

  5. J.R.Taylor

    Thank you all! It was one of those poems that just flowed forth from my heart and onto the page. The way it came together was just from my desire to make it bounce and be different. For me…that is life at it’s finest. Bouncy and different whether it is good or bad.

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