Z is for Zombie

they gnaw on your head,

you can shoot them a lot, but

they’re already dead



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14 responses to “Z is for Zombie

  1. Reblogged this on John Looks Out On Life and commented:
    Brains they seek
    Driven guided by hunger
    Many are safe

  2. It’s better to stab them
    Or poke them with knives
    Just don’t get too close…
    Quick, run for your lives!

  3. Alphabet what a great invention!!!

  4. This made me laugh — thanks! Plus, I love the whole alphabetical haiku idea. THAT is brilliant! :) A great mental exercise on several levels.

    Would you mind if I tried it sometime, too, if I included a link back to your blog?

    • haha thanks for liking my idea. i would not mind at all if you tried it too, in fact i love the fact that you would like to write based off of something i did. dont worry about linking it back to my blog, i really dont mind! thanks again for appreciating some of my work!

      • Thanks so much! I really appreciate it.
        I think choosing which particular word/idea/theme to write about will be quite as difficult as the actual haiku!
        Again — great job!

  5. I love how you play with words! Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your support. Are you a Walking Dead fan?

      • So here it is a month later and I have five poems to write for my poetry class: ballad, abecedarium, villanelle, sonnet, sestina. Thank you for your support of my posting the finished products of the previous five due (Road Kill). I’ve never written a horror poem and thought I’d give it a go and used Robert Frost’s “The Fear” as my line length inspiration.

        I’m now trying my hand at a zombie ballad but my first draft doesn’t have any heart wrenching emotion (or gut wrenching I should say). Any thoughts you could share about writing a zombie ballad poem would be appreciated.

        Thank you!


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