X is for Xenophobia

the fear of strangers,

excuse my behavior, but

i just hate people


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26 responses to “X is for Xenophobia

  1. Kathryn Jenkins

    This is funny but I am in a minority class and we just got on the topic of Xenophobia. I love this poem.

  2. I hate your neighbors too… You never know what they’re doing over there. Are they building something? Do they have strange devices in their closets, or bodies buried in their basements, or so many cats their up to their eyeballs in furballs? ? ?

  3. You should try and live next to my neighbors :) you’d love yours after that …

  4. Really made me laugh! Nice post


  5. Ok, recently im adoring your posts!

  6. Reblogged this on John Looks Out On Life and commented:
    Strange your words
    Hate others you claim but yet
    to them your share

  7. I am definitely xenophobic! Glad to know the name for my condition haha!

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