I Should Have Slept All Day

my brain is rotting
from the inside out,
the pain
will it stop?
i doubt

maybe im a zombie,
is this real?
or a dream?
things arent
quite as they seem

but if im a zombie
then why do i weep?
why oh why must
i continue to weep?

can i ditch this hell?
or is it mine to keep?
well im pretty tired,
maybe i just need some sleep



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11 responses to “I Should Have Slept All Day

  1. I had this day on Thursday…and Friday…well maybe for half of today too! Great job!

  2. Christopher Shawbell

    Excellent piece. “Maybe I just need some sleep.” Right! How many times have a thought that after a long night’s contemplation. Thanks for Following and Liking my work. I’ve been hoping I would draw some other poets to the site. I just put it together a few days ago. I’ll be visiting often.

  3. Danielle

    This speaks to me in high volumes. Been through all of those words ten fold. Keep writing your way through it.

  4. An honest and human description of a day we all have sometimes. Good work.

  5. I can relate to that. good job!

  6. Even when the urge to weep
    makes you want to turn to sleep,
    tell us again how your mind swirls:
    a gift from you to Brother World.

  7. Crystal Chen

    Definitely me right now. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for following my blog! Definitely something I appreciate. :)

  8. No sleep? You get another chance tonight. lol Hope you hit the jackpot.

  9. ladysighs – Words of Birds was obviously writing about more than insomnia.
    Gee, do me a favor and don’t comment if I ever try expressing emotional pain on my blog – (LOL!)

  10. This poem definitely hits home. It is almost like you just want to lie as still as possible so as not to feel anything. Just a break from the crushing mental weight of it all. LIke you are frozen mentally from the pain for just a space in time. Love this!

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