Don’t be a Drone

Gazing at the pages of life makes me wonder…

These stories I read absorb me into their phantasmal worlds

Empathizing with their central ideas.

Placing myself in a strong viewpoint of their plots

Depicting the settings with my own eyes.

Setting the tone as I see fit

illustrating the imagery with my mind.

After the session of reading is done

SIZZLE! In a blaze of glory

Such a riveting experience indeed.

Time to restore one’s self in the pugnacious lifestyle we’ve become accustom to

So long to individuality and cogitation.



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6 responses to “Don’t be a Drone

  1. I really like this poem and can relate to it. Taught me a few new words too.

  2. Not being a drone can be a bit weird. Just posted an experience about going to a town dying because the of the drug war. I go shopping…walk down to make sure the Pacific Ocean is still there…come home…and get an e-mail that I’ve had a background check run on me. That doesn’t happen to drones, I don’t think. Cheers !

  3. I definitely learned a few new words here as well. And the last line was a good way to end it too

  4. Agreed, definitely learnt new words !

  5. Great piece of verse! Nice work.

    And…thank you for the follow.

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