Disturbing Decibels

your music is loud,

im sure you could turn it down,

but i know you wont



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14 responses to “Disturbing Decibels

  1. Blast your music just as loud!

  2. It’s hard to respond to your posts…have to scroll through too many replies to get to the appropriate box. Still no clue about haiku.

  3. Lovely. You must live near me… and the rock band drummer across the alley from my bedroom. ;-))

  4. Hate that drummer…have to turn my music up to drown him out.

  5. I would not turn it down either.. :)

  6. A haiku from the guy next door. :)

  7. “Dance on fire as it intends”…

  8. jackie

    oh those apartment neighbours…thats when a rowdy three year old comes in handy. Thanks for the follow, lovely poetry!

  9. this’ll be another could have slept all day – love it, ha!

    • oh man I love this one so much lol all I want to do is watch/listen to King of the Hill, not just watch the picture of the mouths moving.

      BOBBY: Don’t you have some poisons in your truck that you can pump in there to make them fall asleep?
      DALE: I do. But the amount of poison that can make four kids fall asleep might also kill an armadillo. And the kids might not wake up.

  10. Play it loud and play it proud that’s my motto especially when in the studio.

  11. What did you say? I couldn’t hear you! :(

  12. Reblogged this on and commented:
    This reminded me of my neighbors.

  13. Its amazing how many dominoes there are among your comments, you explain! Cheap wireless headphones leave no excuse for anyone. Reading last week that only by the age of 30 are your ears capable of hearing all sound in the hertz? scales and that loud beat in music inhibits certain brain chemicals and nueron growth!

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