True Charity

You ever wonder that if one more person had said a kind word fate would have followed a different path?
Maybe, just maybe, he wouldn’t have shot himself, square in the head.
I’d make that gamble;
To be kind in order to maybe, just maybe, save a life?
What do YOU have to lose from that act?
How much would one more word have changed the future?
Now he’s gone.
And you can’t commit to the act now.
There’s no more game to gamble.
Only one lesson learned.


It could LITERALLY save a life.



Filed under Willow Hutton

7 responses to “True Charity

  1. Hi, I am so happy to share with you, that I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.
    Please click on the link to accept your award and check out the rules.
    Well deserved!!

  2. This is the absolute truth.It’s sad that this is the reason why so many people get depression.Depression is really no joke.This is a great post !

  3. Gaseimasha

    I really like this poem. It’s message is something that I can relate to, as I have contemplated suicide before. I have to admit, I used to have no sympathy for others in the position that I myself was once in. But that was because I was still to close to that part of my life. I used to think, “if I could get out of it, then they should be able to, too.”

    Now I try to think, “I was fortunate. Other’s might not be such. A kind word is the very least I could offer. And so I will.”

    Thank you. This actually kind of picked up my day. Thank you for that. :D

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