Killed In Action

Never to feel true satisfaction

But they do know that their faction

Will forever remember them.

Those who stood their ground

Held their own, pound for pound

round for round, down for down

The scars we hold close to our memories

The tears shed from our miseries

Even when the smoke clears…




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10 responses to “Casualties

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  2. I like thia truely which is why I posted it on my site http:// I notice that a number of people have liked the repost on my site. You may like to follow them. This is war poetry.. an honourable and important tradition. It senses and expresses the hurt of life! Not easy…Well done!

    • I am truly honored by this, I thank you for appreciating my work!

      • Honor begets honour! Your post under the Birds evokes World War 1. Your post under cireyohei is a modern day haiku – we know what its like when the Burbon has lifted our spirits but our bodies are about to collapse! I think you should write haikus if you havent yet. there a whole community of haiku writers on Twitter.. some brilliantly evocative stuff. But still harking back to JApanese blossoms. I think you could give it a modern twit – haikus for the discerning clubber!

      • By all mean. I would love to share with that group of writers so our ideas can intertwine.

      • Lets do it. If you re on Twitter just look for #haiku and youre there! Blessings…keep in touch if youve time in bologlanf! Blessings John

  3. nice. do you write your poetry specifically for a post? or do you post poetry previously written or dabbled with?

    • I just write them while i sit at the computer, they come to mind and I type away…

      • I was going to write “nice” again and then I decided I already did that in the last comment. Do you find that writing with pen and paper isn’t as good as when you type? I find I can’t write neat enough, fast enough to keep up with my thoughts.

      • hmmm, that’s a good question. I never really noticed the difference. When I write on paper, a lot more thought in the style of the piece is definitely different.

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