Remarkable Change

It fills a part of me that nothing else does.

Or ever has.

And maybe ever will?

It’s an odd sensation.

One that tingles at the deepest nerve in the body.

Change creates remarkable situations.

The road just keeps winding around the tallest mountains called Time.

But oh, what beautiful and wonderful forests I travel through.

Onward I walk; sometimes I run.

And sometimes I crawl.

Change creates remarkable individuals.

It brings about characters that a person will never forget.

Always ringing in the mind.

Always tingling the deepest nerve in the body.



Filed under Willow Hutton

7 responses to “Remarkable Change

  1. :) reading this makes me feel like i am a bird with maybe a broken wing :(

  2. one of the most elegant and heart crushing poem i have come across…what i couldn’t follow is haven’t you penned it urself..??

    but whoever had written it, it is one of the finest ode to a love that was not meant for forever… good work :)

  3. This is really thought provoking and relatable. I love it! :)

  4. I wrote this. Everything that is under Willow Hutton I have written. :)

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone! Greatly appreciated.

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  6. I relate to this very much. Very powerful… ~ Jen

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