It Was Right

Ever wonder what occurred in the other world when you took that left road to get to here? Wait, here?
Ever wonder if you should have said left, instead of ‘Yes, a right. This right.’
When that taxi cab driver in Jersey asked ever so sweetly, with his California sunglasses on, on that dreary Wednesday afternoon in the month of March.
You’re there now.
You have the fastest car in the game.
Are you using it to your full advantage this time around the block?
You were right.
Right about your right.




Filed under Willow Hutton

4 responses to “It Was Right

  1. I feel as if this can feed off of “What blinker to turn on” :) I am loving this.

  2. so many times have i wondered, but whichever way i went , a car would run into me.

  3. Cireryohei, it very much does intertwine with “What blinker to turn on.” Almost like it is an answer to you. :)

    Thank you to everyone who enjoyed this!

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