Haiku: 16

bubblegum vodka,

amaretto, red bull, shots:

class at 9:40.



Filed under sangretti

9 responses to “Haiku: 16

  1. I think you will be groggy in class! :)

  2. Perfectly in tune with the nature of a haiku: first two lines to draw an image and the last to be ‘weird’

  3. LOL…sounds like my daughter telling about her day at OSU from the afternoon/evening bus ride home

  4. This is the coolest Haiku I have ever read!

  5. J.R.Taylor

    This is awesome, man! Speaking to the generation!

  6. mrcuffs

    Oh man, bubblegum vodka…not sure if I wanna know what that tastes like

  7. haha, the story of most college student’s lives. great haiku though.

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