Frustrations Over: Lungs Still Collapsing

When has it ever been the here and now?

How long since you’ve watched as the world turned?

Thinking that critically only solves the problem momentarily,

How long must you continue to avoid those talks?

Cause I’m at my wits end with this one.

I’m being dragged by the collar,

Yet barely hanging on.

As though being told to not give up that last shred of hope.

I covet most that thing I used to have.

It’s that empathy for the other,

the sympathy.

It was a simpler me.

Or maybe this love in me.

It made me grow crazy.

I tell you now:

A wiser man.

Only threw the eyes of a few,

Each of us have our own plan.

—  happyMess (transcribed by Sangretti – 2012/09/12)



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6 responses to “Frustrations Over: Lungs Still Collapsing

  1. i am mesmerised .. but I do not know why! I think it is because you have succeded in capturing my imagination -on a level of feeling, experience, philosophy and sound!

  2. Actually on second reading I have realized there is more.. it is as if a whole novel or autobiography is stored within this poem.. over to you!…

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  4. Uniquely, I have a third reading …relating to the title – It is very simple and straigtforward and I will not ruin the poem by expounding it… nor negate the wonders of exploration that I experienced within this poem – prior to this discovery! jm

  5. At the risk of appearing to be some kind of fanatic .. the fourth reading is different as well .. the richness here is exceptional.. The poem has no deliberate form but within its exposition is …world upon world.. I cannot really work it out apart from knowing that whoever wrote this is a person others would maybe call ‘soulful’ and has a way with words that is so natural that nobody realized theis person is a grand master of the writen word! I bow to you!

    • You could say Mess is pretty soulful and pretty good with the words too. He’s actually a hell of a painter as well! Thank you very much for all these kind words, it means a lot!

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