I Could Not Decide On A Title: Pt. 2

Muse: writing.

Creativity: sparking.

Where have all the good words gone?


Does a great poem come from witty lines and sudden breaks: creating rhythm?


Does a true poem form from,

The dawn on dewy mastheads,

Navigating pretty landscapes,

And showing the world exactly where,

The man met the road so long ago?


Or does it contain

Itself within syllables

Slowing being said

Rising in beauty: the sun

Setting in contempt: the moon


Are we too contained?

Hiding natural talent,

Scared of what might be?


Late night lullabies,

keep me awake at night.

O’Holy: let me sleep.


Filed under sangretti

8 responses to “I Could Not Decide On A Title: Pt. 2

  1. Really like this one! :)

  2. I love the imagery of this, especially “the sun setting in contempt.”

  3. you have a great voice. Really personable. Like you’re right there! As for the poem: ‘adore it. Only a muse wonders about words in the wee hours so intensely. :)

  4. This is really well written! Great mastery of your words.

  5. Indeed! Where did all the good words go? :(

  6. Really like this too. The dilemma well captured and expressed – language, imagery! Thank you

  7. I too sit and wonder at how I tear words asunder.

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