What blinker to turn on?

There comes a time in a person’s life where they meet at life’s divide.

Coming to that crossroad of destiny is not easily understood.

Being in the dark about your choice will terrify you, but in time…it will all come to light.

Guidance from others seems to be a bit cliche if you ask me, since they are having their own role to continue.

YOU, and only YOU can make decisions that will either make you or break you.

It will be on you to see them through or not.

So when that intersection is upon you, will you go left or right?



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11 responses to “What blinker to turn on?

  1. Its so true that other people’s advice, albeit well meant, often leads us astray.

  2. Who Am I?

    Guidance from others is colored with their experiences and perceptions. But if a guidance repeats we should take it as a sign that the higher power is talking to us through different people.

    • See, I feel that other’s guidance can only be relative to their own experiences and not for someone else. The person as a lone entity must combat those problems on their own, but I feel that guidance can also be helpful as that higher power you pointed out. :)

  3. I like this. I feel that we are all continually in this state of darkness, as you put it, where we have to make choices that directly affect the courses of our lives. I’m not sure if going left or right actually gets us anywhere, but it does empower us, because we are choosing to act.

  4. as my wise sister once said, “Seek your own inner council.”

  5. raphaelcha

    A shocking event that literally makes you blink because you can’t believe what you have seen with your eyes. Most people forget they have them, but nevertheless, they turn somewhere.

  6. very true, we and only we can make our own life changing decisions.

  7. left right
    right left
    left is right
    when it’s all that’s left

    loved this…

  8. Love this, because it’s simultaneously beautiful and true!

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